In 2009, Beginning his music activities.

He is mainly in charge of remix, SE and trackmake of west japan amateur, indies and japanese major artist.

In 2015, He launched his music label "Speculation".

July 22, 1st single "Sex and Addiction" digital release.

In 2016, He stopped music activities in order to concertrate on his depersonalization and panic disorder treatment.

In 2017, Resume music activities.

Feb 22, 1st mini album "Onychophagia" digital release.

Nov 11, 2nd single "Regenerate or Degenerate" digital release.(Free download)

In 2018, Dec 3, 2nd mini album "Chromesthesia" digital release.(Only at Bandcamp)

In 2020, Mar 19 Classic arrange album "Diener der Musik" digital release.

In 2021, Aug 8 3rd single "Kagaribi" digital release.